Emancipatory Pedagogy


Advancing Emancipatory Pedagogy: A Transdisciplinary, Conceptual Educational Framework for Healing and Liberation

Doctoral Research at California Institute for Integral Studies

January, 2021

Dissertation Abstract

This inquiry addresses the systemic inequities and systematic injustices in the public educational paradigm that disadvantages students of color and compromises their social and academic achievement. This research explores contemporary educational literature through the theoretical lens of Paolo Freire’s critical pedagogy. Critical pedagogy focuses on cultivating critical consciousness about inequality and actively participating in transformative and inclusive democratic processes to address change. Critical pedagogy purports the notion that individuals can transcend their conditions and transform the world into a better place. A critical pedagogy lens is informed by concepts of identity development, social construction, and global citizenship.

A solution is proposed in the guise of a new transdisciplinary, and emancipatory, conceptual educational framework. Transdisciplinarity promises to expose us to new ways of thinking, aid in accurately framing the question, and reveal aspects of the solution that might otherwise be obscured (Montuori 2013b). This research aims to distinguish a pedagogical approach meant to benefit African-American students and other students of color by increasing attendance, motivation, and self-esteem, resulting in improved academic achievement. This dissertation will yield a series of papers, essays, books, and other texts that explore theoretical components related to the macro-term of emancipatory pedagogy. For this study, the term is codified as a mega-concept inclusive of several social justice principles and pedagogical concepts, including; Culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy, arts education, social-emotional learning, ecological literacy, and multiculturalism.

Keywords: arts, collaboration, communication, creative inquiry, culturally and linguistically responsive, ecological literacy, education, emancipatory, equity, growth mindset, identity, integration, mindfulness, multicultural, multiliteracy, self-awareness, social-emotional, social construction, transdisciplinarity, transformative.

Lectures on Emancipatory Pedagogy